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#backendbadass no. 3: Lars Kübler

We at zeuz are not just another faceless company – we are a real team with real people. On our blog we want to introduce you to our team of #backendbadasses. Number three on the list is Lars Kübler, our resident Game Scout.

Tom Loske

How does one become a „Game Scout“? Probably not via a traditional job training program?

Definitely not. I would describe the Game Scout as a hybrid of a business developer and sales associate with a strong focus on computer games. One day you find yourself at events trying to win exciting new customers for your products and another day you’re trying to find unknown computer games that could benefit from our services. A balancing act between sales, analysis and research. If you bring all that with you, you have the best chance of becoming a Game Scout.

In your line of work, have you met games industry celebrities like John Carmack or even Gabe Newell?

I haven’t gotten hold of the big ones yet, they always seal themselves off. With Gabe Newell I would really like to talk, maybe I can make a deal with him and the Steam servers run better afterwards. Otherwise, I’ve already talked to a lot of smaller developers. Especially in the indie area people are super relaxed and very curious. That makes it easy to get into conversation and talk about zeuz.

Do you have a favorite games industry event? gamescom maybe or even E3 – something totally different? And why do you like it?

Since I live in Cologne, gamescom is the primary event for me and I look forward to it every year. I think it’s great that there is an own corner for indie developers. Most of the time you can find me there. Of course, I don’t miss the big shows either. I’d like to go to E3 too, but unfortunately it hasn’t been possible yet.

You can create any multiplayer game you like – no technical limitations at all – what would it be?

I think I would develop a game where players would have to work closely together and where you can only get ahead or win if you work together as a collective. A showplace would be somewhere in the ocean deep under water. Since there are no technical limits, everyone would wear a neck connector and a suit with sensors to connect to the computer and literally dive into the game world. Matrix sends greetings.

How will zeuz make sure that this dream game becomes a reality, no matter who develops it?

Well, with zeuz and all its features and power it would be ensured that the servers run properly. You wouldn’t have to worry that one of the servers might run out of space, because thanks to our hybrid cloud we can scale up to the moon (ok, not quite so far). But if there should be a problem, thanks to our first-class support, you can jump back into your adventure within no time.

What was the first video game you played?

Um, that must have been one of the first Zelda games for Nintendo. Generally, in my childhood I played primarily on consoles like Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation, until Counter Strike and World of Warcraft came along. Then, PC was my absolute favorite. Today, I rarely play on consoles and mostly on the PC.

Most memorable multiplayer moment?

I have some really good memories of various Dota 2 matches. I put thousands of hours into the game and also participated in several tournaments. My personal highlight was catching up with my team in a tournament where we were the outsiders and fought our way to the final. Unfortunately we lost there.

A curious bit of Lars Kübler trivia please!

I am founder and editor-in-chief of the Early Access Addicts (https://early-access-addicts.de/). This is a German games blog that writes detailed (preliminary) reviews of games that are still in development. These can be early access titles but also other games that are in an alpha or beta phase of development. We bring some light on the early access scene and make sure that at the end of our review the reader is convinced of a purchase or we can protect him from a bad purchase.

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