Getting started

Find out what it takes to use zeuz.

Getting in touch

The best way to start your journey with zeuz is by contacting our sales team. They will help you find the perfect solution, initiate the integration process and support you in collecting all the information you need.

What we will need

Server file

This image needs to be integrated to host your servers. It contains all the files and configurations necessary to run a gameserver.

Query protocol

The query protocol is the way how our scaling enginge can communicates with the server. For isntance, this will allow us to determine wether a server can be destroyed or not.

Matchmaking instance

Your matchmaking instance is where communication with our API happens. Basically, tell zeuz when you need a machine and zeuz will provide it. For more information, take a look at our scaling documentation.

Where to start from a Developers point of view

We highly recommend at least a basic understanding of our scaling options and orchestration. This will not only help you to integrate our API with your matchmaking system, but will also help with your decission making. After gaining a general overview, check our sdk section to see if one of our offers fits your needs. Finally, the API reference will give you an in depth view of all endpoints provided.