Focus on your game, not on your server infrastructure.

Welcome to zeuz!

To familiarize yourself with our ecosystem, please explore the following features:


Find out how your matchmaking process can interact with zeuz. Furthermore see an overview of the possibilities that zeuz provides you.


Get a more in depth view of the zeuz scaling engine and learn how it ensures minimal costs.

Getting started

Zeuz is your one-stop service for manage all the servers you need for your games. Follow our quickstart guide to integrate our service into your infrastructure.

Searching for a certain request payload?

Are you already familiar with zeuz and just want to look up a certain api call? Our API-Reference has you covered.

Not a developer?

If you are not a developer, you take a look at our website to find out what zeuz can offer. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


We want the best for you ad your project, so get in touch and let us help out! You can search our documentation, contact our support team for any support or connect with our sales team.