Learn about the magic of our scaling engine.

Scaling with the zeuz scaling engine

If you don't want to implement your own scaling service, you can rely on the zeuz scaling engine, which automatically allocates and unallocates server instances. All you need to do is reserve one of these instances, and when it is no longer needed you can simply unreserve it. For more information about how this is done, please have a look at our scaling page.

To achieve the best possible results we rely on a hybrid system of bare-metal and virtual machines. This allows us to take the advantages of both worlds, which leads to a highly reliable system - even in peak situations.

The battle of metal vs cloud

We provide what you need, where you need it

Zeuz’ infrastructure is currently available in 50 countries. This helps you to reduce latency, enhancing your users’ experience. All you need to do is specifiy the server group when ever you reserve a service. This tells zeuz where a server needs to be provided.