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Hello world, here comes zeuz

The time has come – With zeuz, the founding team of gamehosting specialist GPORTAL, is presenting an innovative multiplayer infrastructure tool.

Markus Schneider


We love zeuz and are very proud what our team has created in the last months. It has always been the supreme discipline to playfully depict complex processes and work processes in a playful way and to create real added value:

Hello world, here comes zeuz

What is zeuz?

Let me go a little further. The whole story started 14 years ago. Metallica and Papa Roach were in the charts at the beginning of the 2000s. Two guys, passionate gamers, part-time job in a computer shop, came into contact with game servers for the first time.

14 years later, we are the leading service provider for persistent game servers with GPORTAL. We maintain a tech stack of more than 3,000 physical systems in 15 national markets and daily 140,000 players play on 25,000 game servers.

From Counter-Strike, to Call of Duty, Minecraft, Battlefield, the Farming Simulator (one of the most underrated games in the world) to ARK: Survival Evolved and Conan, we’ve seen every kind of persistent server.

In 2017 Funcom launched their game Conan Exiles in the Early Access. The hosting partner selected by Funcom was hopelessly overwhelmed by Conan Exiles’ great success. Within 2 weeks we took over official servers in all regions of the world and used all our experience, know-how and team to provide Conan Exiles with the multiplayer infrastructure it deserves. That was the starting signal for the business of GPORTAL. We used the gained experience to help more studios launch their multiplayer titles. The need was huge and our service perfectly matched to gaming applications. Today we host various multiplayer titles from Survival or Sandbox, to Battle Royal titles.

Zeuz addresses 4 classic gamestudio issues:

  • scalability
  • performance
  • cost
  • focus

zeuz combines the scalability of cloud services such as AWS, Google or Azure with the efficiency of GPORTAL’s global bare-metal infrastructure. Completely automated for the studios’/publishers’ “Sweet Spot”. Many studios invest immense resources in their own updates, backups and maintenance systems for their server structure. Our technology allows everything out-of-the-box.



Facts Check:

The cloud scales perfectly but costs a lot of money. Bare Metal is cheap and efficient, but it scales badly. Mutliplayer infrastructure tools mean development efforts for studios, that should be better invested in game content. Why don’t we bring everything together? Cloud for scaling, bare-metal for efficiency, and a tool to do the job. Our idea: the hybrid cloud multplayer infrastructure. That was the founding of zeuz. We wanted to do that. With our technology, we wanted to give the studios the opportunity to focus on “awesome games”. All for a fair price, so even small indie studios can afford it. Just at that moment we came together with Scavenger Studios. The development of the Battle Royal game “The Darwin Project” was in the final moves and for the title they wanted to use a hybrid server solution. At the same time, we started developing zeuz. The experience of hosting “The Darwin Project” was fully incorporated into the development and we made great progress. We are glad that we can proudly say: We made it! The MVP, the zeuz hybrid cloud multiplayer infrastructure, is ready!

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