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Interview with Andrej Levenski from Gamepires, developer of SCUM

We were fortunate enough to get an interview with Andrej Levenski, Technical Director of Gamespires, the developers of the popular survival game SCUM, at Gamescom 2019. You can check out what the experienced designer had to say via YouTube!

Tom Loske

Meet Andrej

Gamepire – Someone who is now allergic to light caused by countless hours playing video games in the dark (from the Gamepires website)

We don’t know if Andrej Levenski is allergic to light, but what we do know is that he sure as hell enjoys playing countless hours of video games. As Technical Director of Gamepires he obviously also knows a thing or two about developing games. The Croatian game studio is best known for SCUM, a multiplayer online survival game published by Devolver Digital. But also the combat racing game Gas Guzzlers Extreme was developed by them.

Andrej answers questions to how he feels working with zeuz and how the cooperation came to be. Enjoy!


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