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Meet our team for a chat at Nordic Game Conference 2019

The leading game developers conference in the Nordics is about to kick off at Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden on May 22. The zeuz team invites every #backendbadass to come chat with us at booth A6 about innovative multiplayer technologies.

Tom Loske

We invite every #backendbadass to meet up with us at this year’s Nordic Game Conference, taking place at Slagthuset in Malmö Sweden from May 22nd to May 24th. We offer full developer support for global game server orchestration.

Check out our software development kit and test it out for free. It’s available for download at: https://zeuz.io/index.php/sdk/

zeuz, a dependable partner

Recently, we handled the launch of the hit multiplayer medieval melee game Mordhau, which is currently one of the most popular Steam games and on top of the charts. Mordhau started with strong numbers, seeing 60.000 CCU in launch week alone, with numbers still growing.

Our team provides more than 50 million people in over 50 countries with the required infrastructure that delivers the perfect multiplayer experience. No wonder, our founders of zeuz have been involved in the game server business for 15 years. The team has become a leading provider of game servers. zeuz has developed a technology enabling higher performance while at the same time cutting costs by up to 60 percent. Among other factors, this is made possible by employing a transparent pay per use service model, as opposed to inflexible, metric based options based on DAU or MAU numbers.

Bespoke solutions for every need

But we are about more than hosting – by employing new technologies that make backend administration much easier, “backend-as-a-service” is the keyword. The best thing is that our services are independent and compatible to all channels, be it Epic Games Store, Steam or others.

To learn more about the unique features of our technology and how it can help your multiplayer game grow even stronger, meet up with the team at booth A6 at Nordic Game Conference. Of course, you can also always get in contact with us via sales@zeuz.io.

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