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Meet the next #backendbadass: Phillip Albrecht

We at zeuz are not just another faceless company – we are a real team with real people. On our blog we want to introduce you to our team of #backendbadasses. Number two on the list is Phillip Albrecht, our Entrepreneur in Residence.

Tom Loske

Phillip, you’re an “Entrepreneur in Residence”. Sounds fancy enough, but what is it you actually do all day?

Well, while it does sound super fancy, it’s pretty easy to explain in the end: As an Entrepreneur in Residence I support the C-level staff in their daily tasks and in this way I get to learn what it takes to start and build up a business.

How did you learn about zeuz, what was your initial contact with the team?

It was a happy coincidence. I was about to change industries anyway and return to my roots, when an agency called me and told me about zeuz. A few conversations later I realized that I wanted to be part of this awesome team and now I’m here!

Did you always want to join the game industry or did you just sort of end up here?

I spent half my youth modding for The Elder Scrolls series. The hobby turned into passion and finally I even decided to study game design. A few small side trips into other industries showed me, that in the end that I actually belong here. So I’d say yes, I’ve always wanted to go into the games industry.

What would your dream multiplayer game be? No limits at all…

Mhmmmmm…thats an easy one. It would be Star Citizen! I’m already collecting vacation days for the release! 😛

How will zeuz make sure that this dream game becomes a reality, no matter who develops it?

With upcoming zeuz technology, game developers will receive a software SDK with which they can easily set up the multiplayer infrastructure for huge instanced worlds with thousands of players. Star Citizen is one of the games that could definitely benefit from this technology!

What title made you fall in love with gaming?

Well, there were so many titles out there that were fantastic, but The Elder Scrolls series was the entry into this world, especially when it came to role-playing games. Besides, modding this game was such a big part of my life that it also shaped my future life. Thank you Bethesda!

What was the funniest situation you encountered in multiplayer?

It happened, when I played DayZ again for the first time in two months after a ragequit and a lot of persuasion from my friends. After long hours of play and successful looting, a friend accidentally shot me at the end, everyone thought it was massively funny. I didn’t touch the game for another 3 months. There is even a video of the entire situation.

And finally, a curious bit of Phillip Albrecht trivia please…

This year I went on a fishing trip to Sweden, I spent a whole week in a canoe with a friend, even camping out in the wilderness. It was a really great experience and I can recommend it to anyone. However I told everybody in the office about the trip beforehand and boasted about how many fish we were going to catch. The number turned out to be zero. Of course my colleagues still tease me about this and remind me of my great fisherman skills 🙂
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