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Presenting: zeuzBeats

In case you hadn’t heard yet – we not only provide the best backend service for your studio, but also take care of your auditive enjoyment. For your listening pleasure we proudly present our playlist series zeuzBeats!

Tom Loske

For all you music lovers out there our one and only DJ Woozle will be creating cool playlists exclusively for you. Whether you’re working in the office or simply chilling at home or even traveling around the world – Woozle makes sure you always have exactly the right tunes in your ears. You can enjoy our playlists via Spotify. Our first release is called ‘Concentration’ and is made up from a compilation of the best techno and deep hose tracks out there that help you focus on your current task at hand.

Check back regularly to keep up to date on all new releases. We will be uploading new playlists every few weeks. Techno is not quite your stlye? Not to worry, each zeus playlist will be unique and feature various artists and styles – a little something for everyone.

#1 Concentration

Her debut playlist for #zeuzBeats makes you focus at work while listening to chilled and rhythmic tunes from GNTN, Ann Clue, Stan Kolev and many more. Check it out:


And this is just the beginning! Right now Woozle is working on a brand new playlist which we’ll be releasing soon. To stay updated, just follow our social media accounts:
…and save our tunes to your Spotify library.

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