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Save Midgard in the colossal Action-Adventure RUNE II

Humanhead Studios and zeuz are proud to present the result of their cooperation – the long awaited sequel to the original Rune. Players have to take up arms and cooperate with each other if they wish to stand a chance of defeating Loki the trickster god.

Tom Loske

Ragnarok is at hand

Midgard is under siege – trickster god Loki has the realm in a state of constant chaos and the inhabitants of Midgard, be they god, beast or man, are struggling to survive. It is in the players hands to find a way to topple Loki and end Ragnarok, thereby earning the right to enter the hallowed halls of Valhalla.

A mad world

Ragnarok has driven its inhabitants mad. Only the most savage warriors will survive tough battles against Bandits, Cannibals, Giants, Dwarves, Surt Warriors, the Forsaken Einn Warriors, Draugr and more. Players can invite fellow warriors to join their journey through Ragnarok and fight side-by-side against vicious monsters with the looming challenge ahead to face Loki himself. Powerful artifacts can be found throughout the world, each with their own god-given power. They are the key to opening the Realm Gate where Loki hides, and can grant the power necessary to end him once and for all.

A war on all platforms – powered by zeuz technology

RUNE II offers an exciting multiplayer experience in which players from all over the globe can connect with each other and cooperate with each other in order to tackle Loki the trickster god and save Midgard. Or they can choose to battle it out amongst themselves in fast-paced Deathmatch games. But before this can happen, a lot has to happen behind the scenes in the backend of the game.

In order to ensure a smooth game experience for all players, Humanhead employs zeuz technology for their official servers. This includes not only the orchestration, but also various other online services. Thanks to zeuz, RUNE II can run on several platforms and is not bound to a single channel. While being timely exclusive for the Epic Games Store, it will later be released on Steam as well. Further releases pending.
You can learn more about the game on the official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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