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Mordhau (Triternion)  joins the #backendbadass team

We’re proud to provide infrastructure and orchestration for the hard-hitting, newly released multiplayer medieval first-person fighting game Mordhau, which is now available on Steam.

Tom Loske

We first met the Triternion team about two years ago and immediately felt, that there was an instant connection between them and us. It’s no wonder that we quickly agreed to work together in the future. Initially, the collaboration began with us setting up a number of test servers running Mordhau. During testing, both our teams analyzed the collected data and shared our learnings with each other, so we would be able to make successful global launch happen.

Individual infrastructure and orchestration solutions

Mordhau runs on hardware provided by zeuz in twelve datacenters located in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia, ensuring reliability and performance for all users worldwide. Our team is offering round-the-clock support and is taking care of proper server deployment. We are in constant exchange with our friends at Triternion, tackling the demanding infrastructure requirements of Mordhau to realize optimal conditions at all times.

What is Mordhau?

Mordhau offers intense multiplayer combat.

Just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval first-person fighting game with a strong emphasis on skill-based competitive play and customization. It features a deep and fluid combat system that allows those that master it to turn into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Up to 64 players can engage in battle. For more info on the game you can visit the official website.

Painless game launch

Thanks to the combined intelligence gathered during testing, the Mordhau launch on April 29th 2019 went flawlessly. Together with Triternion, we were able to set up the global infrastructure in just one week. Mordhau started with strong numbers, seeing 60.000 CCU in launch week alone, with numbers still growing. Everybody on our teams is extremely proud of this achievement and is working on expanding the capacities – which have already tripled within the first 72 hours after launch – even more.

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If you are a game developer and want to learn more about how we can help you facilitate your multiplayer game experience, check out our reliable backend badass services (Download our SDK here) and global game server orchestration. Reach out to us anytime at sales@zeuz.io. We’re glad to help you out with any questions you might have and are of course also keen to hear your feedback.

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