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What the zeuz team is playing during the holidays

The Christmas holidays are approaching. This not only means a lot of quality time with our loved ones while mostly indulging in way too much food, but also time for some awesome games! Find out what the zeuz team is playing during the holidays.

Tom Loske

We gamers have a hard life. Dozens of great titles from Triple-A to small indie games are released every year for which we would need more time than the measly 24 hours we got for a day. But fortunately, we do have the holiday season! It gives us time to finally catch up to all those titles we couldn’t enjoy the rest of the year. We asked around the zeuz team what they are playing during the Christmas holidays – And got interesting answers!


Initially I planned to revisit places like Velen, Novigrad and the Skellige Isles from glorious The Witcher 3, which is one of my absolute highlight games of the decade. I have two very long flights ahead of me, so the Switch version came in just right.

However, it turns out that I’m going to be playing something completely different. See, on December 18th, GOG.com released the classic adventure game Blade Runner. It’s one of my personal favorites from my youth. Aside from capturing the atmosphere of the universe perfectly, it’s probably the only “Real time point and click adventure game”. To anyone who hasn’t played it yet and is even remotely interested in dystopian thrillers I can only recommend the title.

And should there be any time left, I think I’ll have a closer look at Jedi: Fallen Order. It seems a quite interesting mix of Uncharted, The Force Unleashed and even a little bit of Dark Souls.


I’m gonna play Hearthstone in 8-player mode because it totally hooked me. You don’t have to (and can’t) buy cards, you just have to know the mechanics. Besides a little luck, it’s skill that decides who becomes the champion.
Besides that, I’ll play CS: GO and probably the Warcraft 3 Reforged Beta, too.


I’m definitely going to play PUPG and Mordhau during the Christmas holidays because I have neglected these games due to lack of time.


I will play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, because it’s one of the most fast-paced shooters currently available on the market, and I get to pwn the console noobies in crossplay, to convince them to convert to PC.  And also, Path of Exile. Because the new version is upon us soon, it’s the only proper Diablo out there, and I haven’t played it for years.


My ongoing game currently is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that I’ll play with my friends during the holiday. I’ll also start playing the new Path of Exile Season.


As a pro I am definitely continuing to play League of Legends during the holiday season. Also, I’m giving Red Dead Redemption 2 a fifth shot to see if I still don’t like it 😉 Next to that Dying Light and Space Engineers are on my games-to-play list.


There you have it. Maybe you can find a game or two in this list for your own holiday gaming season which you haven’t thought of yet. Whether you will play the same games as our beloved zeuz family or make your own “going to play list”, we wish you happy gaming!

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