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Who are zeuz? Meet #backendbadass Gino Singh

We at zeuz are not just another faceless company – we are a real team with real people. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will use this space on our blog to introduce to you our team of #backendbadasses. First one on the list is Gino Singh, our resident Game Scout.

Tom Loske

What’s your role at zeuz?

I joined the team in February and since then I work as a Game Scout for zeuz. That means I identify studios with experience in developing multiplayer titles which could benefit from our broad range of services.

So, how can one imagine your daily work?

A typical day starts with catching up on all incoming messages I received from various game studios, before I do some follow-ups with people I’ve been in contact with previously. Afterwards I usually reach out to studios who might be potential customers.

What makes zeuz the greatest game tech provider on this planet?

Easy to answer: We have the best tech guys you can imagine and we deliver absolutely top-notch services at fair prices. Does that sound too much like a sales pitch? *laughs*

If you could make any multiplayer game – no technical limitations at all – what would it be?

Probably a battle royale Mario 3D platformer where you have to be the first to get 500 coins or so. You start as one of the characters of the Mario universe with different moves and playstyles and try to beat the others. Either solo versus 99 other players or as a team consisting of two to ten players.

How will zeuz make sure that this dream game becomes a reality, no matter who develops it?

Because zeuz is an independent outlet and a cloud agnostic third party provider covering all major pain points from global game server orchestration, scaling and deployment to backend services etc. – whatever the problem may be, together with our customers, we find a solution for any potential challenge.

What was the first video game you played?

I was only three years old, so I can’t remember the exact game, but I do know that it was on Atari 7800. The first game which I can remember probably is Super Mario Land on Game Boy. What a gem. I replayed it well over 50 times as a child.

Most memorable multiplayer moment?

Minecraft on our own server. We played 50 versus 50. Four hours of mining and crafting and afterwards a battle bigger than the fight against the Night King, it doesn’t get more epic than this.

And finally, a curious bit of Gino Singh trivia please…

I published a book called “Dungeons & Workouts”. It takes all aspects that gamers love about their games – XP, level-ups, side quests and bosses – and puts them into a training book. The best part however is that the reader also becomes physically stronger with each level-up. Character creation is done through an initial fitness test to determine the level of difficulty. Only by exercising and increasing your strength can you then level up.
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