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zeuz launches new services, making development even easier

At zeuz, we never stop working on our products, which is why we are proud to announce, that we’ve integrated two new services into our portfolio in these past weeks. We’re now able to offer our advanced inventory management as well as an intuitive KVStore database.

Tom Loske

All new KVStore tech

Our all new KVStore database is directly integrated into the zeuz API and allows for instant access. Developers do not have to concern themselves anymore with integrating Third-Party-Tools such as Redis or MongoDB – the zeuz KVStore database can take over these functions. Even better: Anybody who has some experience handling NoSQL databases will feel right at home. zeuz KVStore does not force any strict patterns on you, but rather gives you all the flexibility you need. Did we already mention that it’s also very high-performing with very low resource cost?
If you want to know more about zeuz and the services we offer, feel free to reach out at anytime – our team is here for you.
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