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zeuz moves into new home

The perfect office is more than just a collection of rooms where people come together to accomplish their daily tasks. The perfect office is a place where individuals become teams and colleagues become family. zeuz has found the right place for just that, which we can now call home.

Tom Loske

Meet the new office

We all know it: Finding a new place to call home is never easy. Location is one thing, but in the end, it’s the people you share the house or office with, who truly make it a place to feel comfortable and welcome.

We at zeuz believe that company is family, which is why we treat each other as such. It’s also the reason why our new office isn’t just another box full of cubicles but rather a cozy, loungy loft which let’s people come together easily but also others enough privacy when needed.

Our new office is conveniently located in the center of Bavaria’s capital city Munich and offers not only a stylish look but also great food just around the corner, assuring that no team member will ever fall hungry ­čśë

But enough of this, pictures speak louder than words, check out the gallery below.

A beautiful panorama of our lounge and the meeting room.

The blue mile – leading directly to our lounge ­čÖé

Cozy offices left and right with seating possibilites in front, just in case you ever need to wait on somebody.

Our kitchen where we share lunches whenever possible. If you look closely, you can find homemade cupcakes in the picture.

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