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zeuz teams up with Photon Engine

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Photon Engine. Photon Engine is already used by more than 310,000 developers and studios. Among them studios like Ubisoft, Square Enix or SEGA.

Markus Schneider

What is Photon’s BOLT

BOLT is the best solution providing Dedicated Server Games for FPS/TPS and Action Games for Unity.  Studios benefit from a unique feature set that cannot be found anywhere else.

BOLT was inspired by several influential papers about online multiplayer by Tribes Networking, Halo Reach Networking and Source Engine Multiplayer Networking. So if you are developing a multiplayer Unity game and you need authoritative movement, an event-system, state replication, lag compensation, hitbox recording and anti-cheat mechanisms, then BOLT is your solution.

How is zeuz jumping in

While BOLT delivers the game server executable and helps with the networking, zeuz enters when it comes to the orchestration of the dedicated server on a global scale.

We deploy and update your executable in any data center and any cloud instance in the world. We scale it via our hybrid cloud in a particularly efficient way. Our bare-metal instances allow you to use the most powerful computing CPU in the world.


If you plan to create a MOBA, FPS, Survival or any other game, that comes with a complex server based infrastructure and needs high-quality infrastructure, BOLT + zeuz is the best turnkey solution available for Unity-Engine based games.

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